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These roses are growing outside the barristers office – Clarendon Chambers on Durham Street in Christchurch. I was stopping for coffee on my way home from dropping our son George to school and spotted a row of standard Margaret Merril white roses outside the law firm. I couldn’t help myself, I had to stop and take photos. I met one of the staff as she came out the door of the office and caught me clicking away at their roses. Luckily she was fine with what I was doing. I have lovely memories of this law firm because our daughters solicitor was based in this office. Millie came into our lives when she was two and now lives with us permanently. I met with Tony one or two times at his office to discuss Milie’s progress. He was always so great to deal with. Because of this interaction these roses will always be rather special to me. I know we changed the path of Millies life forever and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.


40" x 30"
Deep Edge Canvas (3.5cm)

SUE KNOWLES (1)_edited.png

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