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When I was painting in the Barossa in October 2022, my art teacher at the time had visited a local rose grower on the second to last day that we were with her. To my surprise she returned with huge buckets of roses, all were different shades and colours. It was a miracle to see these roses really because while I was there the weather had been unbelievably wet and cold for the whole week. I had thought I was going to freeze to death to be honest because it was so cold.. I was cheap entertainment for the group because everyone thought that as I was a southern “kiwi” gal I should have been used to the cold! My southern background had certainly let me down that week.

The roses in this painting are the soft pinks ones, I have no idea of their name, but will never forget how damn cold I was.


40" x 40"
Deep Edge Canvas (3.5cm)

SUE KNOWLES (1)_edited.png

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