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This painting is a white peony from my garden. The pinks in the painting come from the roses that the peony was arranged with. They were both sitting in a vase on the kitchen table when I was contemplating this painting. My Mum has given me many of the peonies that I now have growing in my garden. We have often picked them up from the grower in Temuka or when browsing the Geraldine Fete held annually each November.

Interestingly this peony began its days just outside the glasshouse, jammed between many overgrown agapanthus. It was there when we purchased the property and although it flowered each year, you could see it was a struggling. Peony’s can be a bit tricky to move. Despite knowing this I moved the plant about three years ago and it hasn’t looked back, rewarding me with mountains of gorgeous blooms.


30" x 30"
Deep Edge Canvas (3.5cm)

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